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Project Description
A wrapper over .Net's Image.PropertyItems for easy retrieval of Exif metadata. Supports Exif 2.2 tags

The usage is very simple, see a snippet below or find a demo project in the downloaded zip file.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Danielyan.Exif;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
   class Program
      static void Main()
         var tags = new ExifTags(@"c:\temp\IMG_0034.JPG");

         // Get all supported tag names. 
         // Not all of them are necessarily contained in the current image.
         foreach (string tagName in ExifTags.SupportedTagNames)

         // To output a single tag
            ExifTag modelTag = tags["Model"];
            Console.WriteLine(modelTag + "\n");
         catch (KeyNotFoundException)
            Console.WriteLine("Error: Tag not found");

         // Sample output
         // Field Id:      272
         // Field Name:    Model
         // Description:   Image input equipment model
         // Field Value:   Canon PowerShot SX110 IS

         // To output all the tags in the file
         foreach (ExifTag tag in tags.Values)
            Console.WriteLine(tag + "\n");

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