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Why not ported it to the Windows phone platform?

first post: yan_xiaodi wrote: System.Drawing.Image is not supported by windows phone. I think It...

Any chance of adding XMP and/or IPTC Data ?

first post: andyscott12 wrote: Hi, This is a great lib - just wondering whether there's any chance...


first post: yots wrote: Hi, is it possible that you put your library to

latest post: levdanielyan wrote: Hi,It's unlikely, this is not even a library :) just a couple of fi...

Write EXIF tags

first post: benurmston wrote: Are there plans to add functionality to write EXIF tags back to the...

latest post: benurmston wrote: Hi Lev,I was only nudging you! I'm a part-time coder myself (in VB)...

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